Wednesday, 30 March 2011

a black sheep


insyaAllah for the time being,
i'll keep myself low and stay away from causing any problems
*sekarang ni macam ada aura pelik dengan members aku*

i'll become a BLACK SHEEP

the reasons nak jadi...
is to...reduce problems,and hook up more solutions (:

insyaAllah,i'll spend more time on my religion,family,education
and my business...and GOP...and Rakan Exco IT...

i'll pray for the best!
and so do you for me too (:



izni.nabilah said...

spent more time on true friends x de?

syaimz said...

hey,you kan antara my true friends :P
ade dalam my family,my business kowt!

Aziera Jumat said...

ok xpe. black sheep tu lg comei drpd yg puteh tu :) hahahaha :) cool weyh!

Herda_Husna said...

yeah!!! syaim boleh..!! eh tetbe je kan..hee~

syaimz said...

xiera : nicee bkn (:
herda : haha,trimas trimas! XD