Thursday, 19 May 2011

lets' appreciate [ ]


for the past few days, i have reduced my blogwalking activities due to my own personal issues which its hard for me to digest...but i've learned something from it. i've learn to appreciate. there are some many things that we've forgotten to take it into account since we've been busy facing our own difficulties everyday. for what happened to me, it made me drop into tears. these tears are the most, greatest of all tears i've had ever given out. what i've faced really did change the perception of my entire life. i may be 19, but i still have so many things to learn. the knowledge i have is nothing but a small drop of water in a vast ocean of the entire world. 

*right now,i am a smiley clown to everyone hiding a great pain inside*

*guys do cry, slowly digesting the worst of things in him*

Nota Kaki Bigfoot : on my next entry, you'll might get a small hint about my personal problem :p


mad khaz said...

nak tau!!!! cepat repot kat sarjan :P

syaimz said...

@mad khaz : await for the next entry ;(

Freaky said...

gtau la cepat.. aku nak tau gak..

Aku nak laptop ni

syaimz said...

@freaky : next update! jumaat! haha,gurau jeh XD

nini syuffina jalil said...

uit uit uit ;p

syaimz said...

@nini syuffina jalil : oit oit oit