Sunday, 9 October 2011

Aero Freshie Inductory Camp 2011


sorry everyone for not updating for this couple of days. i've been busy with some of my assignments and also Aero's First Year Experience (FYE) for my juniors. my job is basically the transporter, multimedia guy and not to forget photographer. Alhamdulillah there's Maula (another photographer) to cover me up when i needed some time to rest. i'll upload all the pictures into my photo blog, snphotography by next week. Paling lambat on wednesday. Futhermore i'll be having some tests for the next 2-3 weeks. I do have time for blogging, but i prefer concentrating things that are more important and urgent. sorry for the dissapoinment ):

oh yes, is there anyone in UTM (sahaja) that would like to hire me as your personal photographer for a day? any activity will do (if makan minum disediakan takpe juge). tak mahal pun nak hire aku, takdelah beratus-ratus depending on the event. student discount lah katakan? editing mungkin ada charge tambahan. terms and condition applies.

(if call tak angkat, text dulu)

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