Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Video Brainstorming | Digi Android

morning yaw! Had your breakfast already? a good breakfast gives a good mind in the morning *betul ke?*

yet i still haven't had my breakfast. sat lagi ye? currently as stated above i am brainstorming for a DiGi's video competition on Android's app. Refer to nuffnang please?

i need some awesome ideas to catch everyone's attention especially the judges hearts :D but it'll be a difficult one since the other participants should i say? supreme.

oh well, kena usaha dan doa then tawakkal, dapat result redha dan iktihar. the right way kan?

so, cheer on me guys or try your luck on this competition. need to check out their videos? search in youtube for DiGi Android. i'll submit my one maybe this 23rd Feb. a day before the dateline on 24th Feb. Wish me luck. InsyaAllah if ade rezeki, i can win myself a Samsung Galaxy S2 which i'll give it to my sister :D she deserves one :P


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