Thursday, 8 March 2012

Same Old, Same Old. No Change

wow, its been like YEARS since i last spend some time writing on this dusty blog. even sudah menghampiri seminggu, tak semestinya aku melupakan blog ini. what actually made me return back here, is because ;

of course, ada sesuatu untuk dikongsikan. it feels much more secure via blogging.

facebook and twitter?
its no longer safe.

currently, my relationship is stuck in a rut. because i kind of made a choice which is difficult for her to choose. quite egoistic of me there right guys? yes, to be honest i am extremely an egoist in relationships. thats the only thing where i want to be at the top. someone that listens to me and does what i says. no opposes.

but the sad truth for me is,

life is fair
Allah is Maha Adil

i musn't be egoistic. takkan lah tiap-tiap hubungan aku perlu jadi sebergini? tak elok pentingkan diri sendiri dan melupakan perasaan si teman tu. kasihan lah si dia. why exactly kita perlu mengambil tahu perasaan dan pendapatnya?

she'll be forever loyal to you
she'll listen to what you say
she'll do anything that you want just for you
she'll always want only you no matter what ever happens to you

she deserves the best out of you

all she ever wanted in return is you to be there for her

dare to commit so?

i hardly did so

i was blinded by my own self. covered by the true nature of a man. no matter how many times this ego overpowered me, i still could not throw it away. i need it. if it is used correctly, then its good. if its not, terrible.

disebabkan ke-ego-an seorang lelaki, sakitnya hati perempuan.
ketahuilah had kesabaran seorang perempuan.

teramat sakit lah hubungan itu.

itulah kesilapan aku.
saat untuk aku membetulkannya sudah mendatang,
tapi aku masih tidak mahu menyahut.

aku menangguhkannya.
teruk kah diri aku ini?

aku percaya akan tibanya kembali saat itu.
its not long. its coming.
i know when is the time. bukannya sekarang.
soon. insyaAllah.

no matter how far i go,
i'll always needed that one special person just for me.
that special someone that could handle my ego

(gambar hiasan)


asyiqeenMdNor said...

well, just bersabar.
may Allah gives the best for both of you :)

atuk, iqeeng pun in the same prob. n yeah, i felt what 'cahaya' felt. hee :) if u know what i mean.

Ecah Ecot said...

give both of yourselves time. but don't say away too long, she might not want to accept the apologies if it's too, above all i wish both of you happiness, okey? stadi jgn lupe!ehe

Syafiq Naim Zabidi said...

@iqeen : same problem, yes me know (:
need to be a better person here

@ecah : study mestilah takkan lupa, amanah parents (: insyaAllah masanya akan tiba not for long, im waiting for it

Aziera Jumat said...

JUst return to The Almighty, u ll be perfect in all way! Try this (: