Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Maxis Launch Your Way to Gold

hey, this is your chance for you to win a tonnes of prizes such as ;
Gold MedalsiPhone 4SSamsung devices and even Maxis Prepaid starter kits!

(links to the Launch Your Way to Gold website)

(the website!)

are you a MAXIS/ HOTLINK user?

Want to increase your chances of winning?
all you have to do is sign up at MyLaunchpad and try out your luck!
(if you are a Maxis Broadband/Wifi User)


And there is no better way to keep yourself updated with the latest Olympian news by signing up with MyLaunchpadMyLaunchpad is Maxis’ one stop portal serving content and services such as Sports, Movies, Entertainment, Gaming and News.

don't forget!

click the green button below to sign up free!
(direct link to Maxis Launch Your Way to Gold website)

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