Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The ManUpArmy

hello fellas, watch this one out.

well? what do you think? FAKE or REAL it doesn't matter to me.
i personally dislike their method of their "Manning Up". I do accept in other ways showing how they can "Manning Up" through other activities. But by abducting people in public bringing along a large group of people and dressed up in tactical gear wont show us how manly you are but how prehistoric cave man you are.

They are The Man Up Army
their objective? ;

The Man Up Army is a unit of specialists dedicated to destroying all that has emasculated men and restoring the male gender to its rightful, masculine place in the world. Join us now in this rightful cause.

I do believe The Man Up Army is an cool and awesome group.
of course since they are entirely to encourage a man, to be a TRUE MAN
I wished that i could, you know to join the club of to Man Up myself
yet i do not like to totally embarrass oneself just to show how manly i am.
using our brains are better than just brawn ; personally from me.

oh by the way,
watch their promo video, quite "Manly"
like their facebook page if you're interested.

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