Tuesday, 13 November 2012


it's been a long time since i last visit a beach.
back then it was only for the sand-castle-building, crab-hunting, swimming race and etc.
(bebudak kan?)

now, it's like an essential need (really?)
for me to get away from my so called problems (joking)
it may not be a good medicine to cure the ailments of the soul (commit to God is far better)
but it still works (right after a few strums of good music)

i don't know that many songs, but i'll play what ever that comes to mind
(padahal main lagu yang ingat chords senang-senang je)

Estrella - Stay
Marina - Primadonna Girl
ManBai - Kau Ilhamku
Yuna - Terukir di Bintang

sorry lah semua lagu jejiwang. me not great guitarist. banyak lagi kena belajar.

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awaiting for the high tide nearby Sepang Gold Coast Hotel.
bukannya duduk di sana ya, cuma lunch.
tengok-tengok pukul 3 begitu dah hujan lebat.
Sadly, Mama nak balik awal and we all went off.
Tak sempat merasa kiting, frisbee and a bit of the seawater. 

there's always another time. probably. tak silap i have this one friend that nak pergi gak (who who?)
suddenly i can't seem to remember that person's name (sengaja memory loss)

tetiba terjumpa. something-something. share je lah. like or hate not my prob. Kahkah

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