Monday, 6 January 2014

DiGizens Thank You Sale

Assalamualaikum wbt and good day fellow readers!

Here I would like to promote to all of you on
DIGI Thank You Sale

But first things first,
let's give a moment to look back in our lifes

Remembering that special someone.
Whom you truly are grateful in life.

Care to know whom of mine?
Then please watch this video of mine, made specially for my dear Mama.

So, how was I?

Now, let's skip to the fun part of getting connected with your love ones!

DiGi, is offering an outstanding sales on their gadgets packages!
Smartphones! Tablets!
You name it!

Here, is another video I made just to show how I (promote I guess)
about DiGi Thank You Sale!

Aren't you not amazed with all the freebies you get FREE
along with those smartphones & tablets?

Here's a few smartphones model's just for a quick glance before heading to their main page


Yummy offers!
Don't worry, there's always more!
Only from DiGi!



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woot woot mantap ah Syaim cakap english :P

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Lovely lovely lovely!!!... my dearest and only son!!!

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