Friday, 15 April 2011

back home safe and sound


finally im back home for a few days,
just to relieve myself from all the troubles and problems
*im not running away from it lah*

it feels so good to be right back at home (:
where you're whole family is there
where you're cat is there (:

it makes you feel whole
what was lost was found
what was less was filled
what was broken was mended

the power of a family (:
they are so powerful
from zero to an infinity

the value of family is limitless

syukur alhamdulillah i am still blessed with a lovely family
im sorry if i ever offended those who doesn't have the kind of family that most people have

don't worry (:
let's make our own
i've got another family too
come and visit us in our edata family (:
*we're imcomplete without you*

no matter where you are,
no matter how big your problems are,
no matter who difficult your life is,
no matter how hard you tried to face them all,

do not forget,
your family is rooting for you all the way
until you reach the universe of success.



izni.nabilah said...

saya x de dalam gambar. :(

Aziera Jumat said...

nice entry wo brader :)

syaimz said...

izni nabilah : bila nak ada?
aziera : mmg niceee