Sunday, 24 April 2011

a great day for us utmbloggers


23rd april was such a fantastic day (:
well, what actually happen?
alright, right back to the top! study study *nothing interesting about it!*
2.utmbloggers gathering *you bloggers are wicked!*
3.spending quality time in the k10's surau *achievement unlocked!*

another day,another story
i woke up like at my usual wake up call *10am*
what happened to my Subuh? *pretty obvious*

there's a hadith saying that when we prayed for Subuh,
*sorry for not having the precise hadith reference*
we are actually maintaining our beauty! cool right??
wow, imagine me with a flawless skin...
*mak nyah mak nyah mak nyah!*

up till that morning till evening,
ive been spending lots of time,
feeding and spilling knowledge to get myself prepared for the upcoming exams this monday
*oh damn,still got a lots of more to cover up!*
insyaAllah,if there's effort,we will succeed!

exactly 5.30pm,
mister Uzair Suhud invited me to the UTMBLOGGER'S GATHERING
*i wasn't too sure of coming since we had transport difficulties*
thankfully,we got a car and head to UTM's massive lake to meet up other fellow bloggers
*sorry,me and Uzair are motor handicapped...tak reti bawak motor..and i had bad experiences too*

right by the lake under the nice warm gazebo,
*not less than 10 people came to the gathering*
had quite some chitchats, more like icebreaking (:
we are ordinary people,
what me make are extraordinary with our very own signature!
pisang gorengs, hello pandas, paus, pepsis, food food food,
ngam ngam ngam, kenyang kenyang kenyang
sembang sembang sembang,
such a great moments (:
eventhough some of us are still shy to communicate with each other X)
no worries,
sooner or later we'll wind up terbebel lebih!

its nice too meet up other fellow bloggers (:
this is like my first gathering that i had ever attended,
it may not be grand,
we may not be many,
from a little small lump, into the tallest mountain of the world!
we will grow, we will succeed, we will blog blog blog
because we are UTMBLOGGERS (:

i had a great day today,
especially spending more time in the surau,
getting my mind more to the connection to God
it really relieves the Soul (:
i'm slowly gaining the love of it

a great day, a great ending,
tomorrow is yet to be told!
let's just hope good keeps coming over fror a visit (:

*i dont have any pictures to show about the gathering,you could always visit our website (:*
thank you UTMBLOGGERS for a great day (:



NadiRah said...

suke jugak!!!!
thnks sudi dtg.. ^^

Herda_Husna said...

cis. asal aku yg ketinggalan =.=