Tuesday, 5 April 2011

what we want, is what you want


i've done many things during my 19 years in this world
*including my unrecognised childhood life*

so far i have only undergone only 19 years of life experience,
there are yet many more things that i should know and do,
for example,religion

i may not be a strong religious person,
but i really do believe in my religion.
and i will keep on holding the 5 Rukun Islam and 6 Rukun Iman
*wajib right? only a small and short reminder to all Muslims*

anyhows, what does this entry going to do with,
"what we want, is what you want"

of course,
undeniable that all of us,
we have our very own desires (:

desire to be rich
desire to look beautiful,
desire to be smart and intelligent,
desire to own all that others don't,
desire to be the strongest out there,

desire is our drive to succeed

i have a very strong desire,
which is that,
i want to create more opportunities to others,
so that their desires can come trully come true and succeeds.

yes, there is a lot of risks and hardships,
but hey, its a part of life whether i like it or not
i dare to embrace all difficulties,
so that my desires becomes a reality.

i belive i can do it,
because i am HEBAT


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