Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day Special | It's Everyday


Out of the 365 days in a year, can you pick a day to make you father feels so special as you did to your mother, your brothers, your sisters, your friends, your neighbours, your Prophet, your God. Why do you still need to pick a day when you have everyday to make a big difference in yours and theirs lifes? As we are informed, tomorrow is Father's Day. What I should say to the beloved Man who married to the most beautiful Woman whom brought me up and grown into this wonderful man as how they have adored for?

I am speechless

Man gives no tears other than his own family. He shall never let any strangers dare to threaten his family. His will to live lies in the existence of his family. His family is everything. I am thankful to be blessed with the greatest father with the most heart-warming and caring personality. I know that You O' Mighty Allah have taken his parents away slowly but You granted him a much loving family in the end. I am grateful that You have made him stronger than ever. I am still young and still have many more to learn. O' Allah, please bless my parents with the greatest gift...the pathway straight way to heaven. Then my mind will be in peace. And I wouldn't know if my prayers are answered, but I can always pray and hopes that it will happen because I believe Allah is The Most Merciful.

Let this Father's Day,
be a great day for all fathers to have a great time with their children, with their family

Please let them spend some quality time together,
before there is none at all.

Thank you Allah,
for blessing me a Father,
who made this heart of mine in one whole piece,
as how my Mother did to mine

the man who made another man into a much greater man than he is

*taken in April 2010*

sorry for that I couldn't upload the latest picture with us together,
since I left my external hard disk in my room.

My life, My heart, My soul,
are bonded with them.

I'll make sure its forever-lasting

Have you said anything to your family lately?
I haven't yet. Sorry. I'm taking my chances before its too late

Nota Kaki Bigfoot : Abah, if you are reading this. Sangatlah terkantoi jumpa blog anak lelaki abah ni. Haha...Sorry! Appreciate sangat-sangat if Abah dapat baca (:


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Happy Father's Day :)

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