Saturday, 21 January 2012

why does this has to happen

i am in ruin. i am heartbroken. everything that i've built has going down to dust. give me a few days off boleh guys? leave it as mystery for now. thanks. there'll be a time where i'll share whats happening within me. peace out yo.


life is hard. i have to be harder than life to live
Ya Allah, i seek for your refuge.
Please make me stronger, so i shall not fall for the second time.


AmalinaNashihin said...

what's wrong? ):
I'll pray the best for you.
May everything will be fine.

Wadi AR said...

hayokk, sape buat syim ni.

Syafiq Naim Zabidi said...

@amal : almost something2 :(

@wadi : ade lah seseorang tu :P