Friday, 17 February 2012

Winners of DiGi iPhone 4Showdown

hello there everybody!

this might be an old news about this DiGi iPhone 4Showdown blogging contest by Nuffnang last December 2011. 

As mentioned previously, the top two winners with the most creatively written blog posts will be walking away with 2 iPhone 4s from DiGi! Thank you so much for your participation as we enjoyed reading all of your creative entries. :) We're glad to announce that the two lucky winners of this contest are:-

Jackie Loi Wing Hong:-

Mohd Syafiq Naim Bin Mohd Zabidi:-

yes, i am among the winners for this competition.
to be honest i really wasn't expecting on this, but the DiGi people said it was creative and cool.

lagi best they treated the winners pergi makan Chilli's kat Mid Valley.
get to meet Jackie, such an interesting person he is :)
(oh, he is the other winner of the competition)

sayangnya i didn't bring my D90 since it belum keluar dari klinik Nikon Service Centre lagi.
so i didn't take any pictures. at all. luckily Jackie brought along his Olympus camera
(tak follow up with Olympus camera :P)
awaiting for Jackie to upload it in his next post. wait for it yes?

this was my long awaited prize
(hampir 2 minggu tunggu from the result post)
(iPhone 4S 16GB Black)

so, why don't you guys check out all 4 post that i submitted.
sorry lah if its macam tak power mana.

hari ini baru nak merasa menggunakan iPhone 4S
yes aku dah survey macam-macam pasal 4S.
Jailbreak, SIRI and its performance.

biar lagi 5-6 bulan, tunggu ada Jailbreak yang stable so that takde kes SIRI tak dapat guna.
my heart feels at remorse when i actually have to pay 99 cent to download Whatsapp from AppStore

Why can't it be free like for Androids?
Looks like i've got to join the Samsung Galaxy S2 competition by Nuffnang.
(korang pun join jugak lah)

okay, so overall
Thank You Nuffnang & DiGi for the superb competition!
I will work harder to blog more, enter more competition, and be an awesome Nuffnanger
you would too right?

oh btw, rasa murah hati tak?
donate to my blog okay :D

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NadiRah said...

wahhh!!! congrate!!! ^^

Syafiq Naim Zabidi said...

@nad : makaseh nad ! XD

Nur Amira Ramli said...

tahniah :)

panda putih said...

wohoo. congratz syaimz, betul2 hebat!

Syafiq Naim Zabidi said...

@amira : makaseeh

@panda : yatta thankyouh!

Aziera Jumat said...

seriously u won this????! Oh snappppppp!

Syafiq Naim Zabidi said...

@aziera : iye, seriously :D