Thursday, 14 November 2013

where I stand (Part One)

"where I stand"

yes quite a general statement just about anything,
so I'll be very specific on really common topic that we like (and dislike too)


Aha, you got me there. Bosan sudah?
Not really. We deny the existence of 'relationship' in our heads maybe
of course due rejection, break ups and etc (list them down if you're rajin)

We want these things really badly, but unfortunately the real life drama really kills your so called dream relationship.

I would want the most perfect girl as my future wife (vice versa on ladies)
I can't deny such statements (I would say so, wouldn't you)

What I meant was, to find your other half.
Yes it isn't that easy.

Some people kept saying;
"Keep searching"
"Just wait, sooner or later someone will fall for you and accept your flaws"

Funny somehow when you, we experts (you, me, friends and random people) giving advice in relationships. Yes I won't shut my ears, even if it hillarious and lousy sometimes.
I would listen it full to opinons, we need to learn to be much better am I right?

Now where am I? *losing track too quickly*

There are times where I really do regret on the decisions I have made.
When we accept our mistakes, it is considered maturity? *probably*

Funny how I want things to go exactly as how I have pictured in my head.
I dream a lot. You dream a lot. We dream a lot.
A clearer picture on our desires, hoping it to come true am I right?

From my own experiences (not much really)
There are these kind of people we want and need in our life.
Let's redefine needs and wants. (should I? No)

So pretty much these few women in my life where I truly want, and some I need.
Hillarious it is, these women I want isn't something I will get easily.
I have to learn to hold onto something that I can never own.
If I did receive such things directly, I would be in a mess.
A test of life.
How cool liddat our Lords knows of His Creations? The Allmighty.

When we get what we need, we will be tested whether or not we are grateful for it or not.
Sometimes what we need is always the best compared to what we want.

Sadly when I looked to myself that I tend to pick what I really want.
Hoping to prove everyone that sometimes the people we want can be the people we need.
and vice versa. Miracle maybe.

I am greedy. I am an asshole (literally). I wanted everything. Greed is a sin.
Silly me for not changing. I thought I had gain a bit of maturity in relationships but sometimes old habit dies hard. I would say it's like shit.

A quick question to me,"Why her?" - a situation when you fell in love with some random chick

*deep thinking*

Sometimes I do not know what I want.
Keep searching, yes. Keep trying? How?

Should I get into more relationships to find the one?
Sometimes I think I shouldn't and sometimes I do.

Let's for say, 
I am flirting with this one girl.
Yes I do find her attractive for her personality.
How personality could overpower her looks
(even if she is cute)

Crushes for short.
I sometimes think should I really approach with a gentleman manner?
Jual mahal maybe?
A test to see if she's interested in me back (wow that would be great)

You know, the basic method of us men flirting.
Being caring, understanding, sweet...etc...(and those other nonsense)

Guys will try their best to impress that chick. Duh, I would do so kot.
Especially if he is stuck in a competition with other males for her
(that really sucks like hell!)

Sometimes I find it like F when these few girls gets so many attention from other guys really.
(super jealous!)
I sometimes look back to myself on how stupid I would become when the same situation falls on me (or other guys) then I get that so many chicks flocking for my attention.
(Mulut masin akan dibalas sama rata)

I'm not complaining like a pussy, but really they do get it quite a lot especially if she is hot and cute.
It does pisses me off when you have like so many competitors,
and your crush layan them juga. Nak kata friendly kan?
(because you will eventually get treated like nothing - rasa kononnya begitu)

Girls are friendly, guys are over-friendly.
Guys assumed too much. Kuat perasan. As if she is really into him.
(oh yeah I know because I have been through that!)
Girls are being themselves, wouldn't want to be all sombong whatsoever. Kind of course.

What really worries me most. 
All the time.
"Are we in her head all the time?"
Understand me I'm not talking about a 24/7 for her to think of us.
Does she think of me? A little bit would though.
(Funny how I am asking for too much)

Why I am saying this is because, one thing a guy really want is to be APPRECIATED
and to be REMEMBERED

simple right?

One thing;
Isn't it tiring for us guys to start the conversation first?
Yes I wouldn't mind to start first. But all the time?
Come on, ladies show us if you like us by starting the conversation first.
Not all the time, but kadang kadang cukup lah.
It is like a positive affirmation to us.
Showing to us men that you are interested in us. 
Yes I would be super grateful. Sangat grateful. Sujud syukur.
(I am complaining like a little bitch here)

Not to forget about guys being over-protective.
Or is it overly attached?
Yup, getting jealousy when our Crush like being friendly to other guys.

Do you, would you really think you are special if she treats you as same as other guys?
How different are you with other guys?
Is she treating you special?

Vise versa to guys. Are you guys treating her special?
(dua dua pihak boleh jadi salah)

Just saying.
We can't satisfy everyone's needs.
But at least TRY for once.
THEN all the time

Tiada paksaan dalam hubungan.
Only that we needed to know whether if our honesty is true?
Jujur dalam hubungan (:

Kamu Saja okay.
Okay sambung next week!
Rabak mata blogging dua tiga pagi. Sumpah takde kerja.

I hope my crushes don't found out about this. Nahaslah saya.

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Anonymous said...

Why... crushes?
I thought you only have one meh?