Monday, 9 December 2013

Out there.

Out there.
You have this really special someone.
You know,
The one you would really spend countless hours.
Getting to know each other.
Fulfilling one another.

Those silly itchy romance.

I understand.
Have you not forgotten of the other special people?

Your family?
Your close friends?

They are far more special.
Than that special person whom have no guarantee of being with you.

Learn to appreciate.
Those people.

That was something I learnt.
The little things we just couldn't notice.

We tend to forget.

Never forget those around you who has been through your ups and downs.
They have always been there for you.
Near nor far

They have always been nearer that we have ever imagined.
Care for them.
And they shall do the same.

I am trying my best for all of you.
Selfish as it is.
Pleasing as it is.
Being positive, makes the difference.

Give and take.
Spread the love.

Thank you everyone.
For all you have done for me.

Thank you to you too awak.
For showing me,
Directly and indirectly.
On the things I should know.

I am forever in your debt. All of you. Whom I know.
For some of you special people. Out there.
Be well. Take care.

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