Monday, 2 December 2013

For thou

The things we would do.
For the people we care.
For what sake exactly?
What reasons?


We don't really know why.
We just do.
And do.
And do.

Without any hesitation.
Without hoping for anything in return (probably)
A worth doing kindness.
It doesn't need to be questioned.

We could say it is involuntary.
Probably it doesn't need to put in that many thoughts.
It happens. Suddenly. Curiously.

Maybe we were dying to do that something.

All of it.
For you.
For thou.
Just you.

I do not need to hear what world has to say.
Maybe I am being too immature.
Selfish. Chasing dreams.

I am willingly to do anything because I needed you.
Even if takes me forever.
Even if I have to learn and endure hardships beyond my limits.

For thou.


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