Tuesday, 26 November 2013


"Don't make promises you can't keep"

This quote reminded me of everything.
For the things I used to have.
For the things I wouldn't want to remember.
Over the things I have lost.

We all made fake and blind promises.
To ensure, to entrust hope.
For a trust.
Yet to be broken or strengthen.

Funny how you love someone so much,
You are willingly to make promises.
Showing that you loved them.
Showing that you care for them.
Showing that your love is truly never ending.

And in the end.
It didn't last.
Sad. Heartbroken. Sobered.
Where does all of the promises go?
Gone. Disappeared.
Thrown away into the deep forsaken abyss.

We all would want the promises to be fulfilled.
Be to realized. To come true.
Neither of us would want that person to make it come true.
It is no longer worth it. Would it still be worth it?

If It is,
Why wait? Why keep waiting?
Why wait for someone who has no guarantee of fulfilling those promises?
Why make promises to someone who has no guarantee of being with you?

Someone else is capable of doing it better.
There always is.
But you don't want to find someone else better.
You don't have time. You don't want to hurt yourself. You're tired.

You still believe. That the person will always come back.
Waiting for a miracle.
Waiting for a silver lining.
Waiting for the impossible.
If it did, would it be. Worth it?

Love exceeds above many.
It could not be easily thrown away.
Love is not easily forgotten.
Love can be replaced.
But never that easy.

It needs time. To recover. To be strong once again.

As for me,
I would make promises.
I needed the time to prove it is true.
A chance to prove that I am worthy.
Thank you for telling me, reminding me to not make promises easily.
So that either of us would not make blinded silly decisions.
To not hurt one another.
To be matured. And wise.

I am grateful and appreciate for your words.
Thank you.

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